Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Blueberry Smooshberry

I didn't have much appetite yesterday for lunch so I thought of grabbing a bun from the nearby bakeries. I walked up and down the mall, round and round visiting every bakery only to have my stomach churn as I looked at the various innovative and colourful confectionary inventions they call buns nowadays.

Finally, I decided upon an interesting bun called "Blueberry Sunrise" from Breadtalk. Gasp! I bought a bun from the bakery I swore never to buy from! But this bun did look rather nice. It was nice and round with a squishy blueberry circle centre and a piped-in custard ring surrounding it.

I took it back to my office and happily opened the bag, eager to sink my teeth into the juicy-looking blueberry filling and egad(!) the idiotic server had put the bun into a bag which naturally stuck to the sticky open filling! I gently drew out the bun trying to save as much filling as I could but sad to say, my blueberry was now smooshberry all over the inside of the bag! was a sad sad lunch chomping on an empty bun!

By the way, can anyone tell me why the buns in these boutique bakeries are so terribly over-priced?! Or better...why are they still so full of people despite the horrendously high prices?!


tuktoyaktuk said...

hahaha.... smooshberry!! I shall make a bun and call it that! :D And ppl buy from them because they are suckers :p

Tummythoz said...

Good branding, I guess. Poor Sue.

rokh said...

i guess it must be the outer look of elaborate designs that suck us in. else the taste are just so-so eh

Sue said...

Tuk - yes easy bun to make! Just smoosh the berries all over the bun so it sticks to the inside of a bag :p

Tummythoz - it has to be the branding..apparently Breadtalks are springing up all over Asia like Beard Papas!

Rokh - hi, yes the designs are nice and their descriptions amazing but nah...give me a nice crusty European-style bread anyday!

fooDcrazEE said...

never like the breadtalk bun..yucks