Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Wedding Costs

My grandma told me that my aunt in New Zealand called her over the Chinese New Year holidays. She has planned to come home at the end of the year for my wedding and was discussing with my grandma whether I would prefer cash as a present or a gold item such as a gold coin , gold bracelet or earrings. According to her, the things in New Zealand are very pretty and would make very good gifts. However, now with the wedding costs escalating, I think I would very much prefer cash to help us break even on our expenses. Things are all in the thousands, even for our photographers and I am getting really stressed as we have still not been able to finalise our vendors. Time seems to be running too fast and I know that if we do not finalise them soon, we will not have much time left to plan for the year end event. I hope we will be able to get a good photographer soon!


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