Wednesday, August 06, 2008

House Planning

I admit that I used to be an avid reader of romance story books when I was younger. I particularly used to like reading about heroines who get swept away to lovely mountainside homes by their heroes and it was always my dream to visit a lovely rustic country home someday. Well, it looks like my dreams might someday come true as I heard that a previous boss of mine had invested in a lovely country home in France and invited me there should I ever be in that part of the world. He was quite amazing as he supervised all the House Plans from here long distance and entirely trusted his architect there in France to prepare and work on the comprehensive Country House Plans that had been finalized. I guess he must have gotten a really good architect and contractor to be able to trust them from so far. He said that these same people had helped his family member with some log home floor plans in Switzerland previously and he knew the quality of their work.

What fun to own a country house!

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