Friday, September 24, 2010

Lack of Protection

Throughout the whole week of renovation, I've noticed that the workers here don't seem to be very well protected despite handling chemicals and cement. All they have is a thin covering of cloth or their own T-shirt around their mouth and nose even when doing hacking. Imagine the amount of dust they are breathing in as they move from block to block to do the hacking! Over time, I'm sure these fine dust particles will have some adverse impact on their health. Probably not to the extend where they'll require a Mesothelioma lawyer but still may not be good for them. The companies should at least be a little more humane in treating their workers.

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Absar @ Go Go Elite said...

Thats how things are in the 3rd world.. You'll see people using a blowtorch with only sunglasses on and lots of other crazy things..

Amazing what people will do to make ends meet..