Thursday, December 01, 2005

Peri-peri Rocks!

I had a terrible craving for French Fries last night. So much for trying to diet! McD's, KFC and A&W didn't hold much appeal so I dragged Bro down with me to Nandos. At least in Nandos, I could fool myself into thinking the chicken there was healthier than the fried chicken in McD's whilst indulging in my French Fries!

They were having a set Peri-peri Meal for RM11.90 which comprised a Cream of Broccoli, 1/4 Chicken, Walnut Apple Rice and a Mango Sorbet to top it off.

I had a voucher for a free 1/4 chicken with every purchase of RM25 and above so naturally, we had to find enough to make up that RM25! Hurray for free things! :) Bro opted for the set above while I had a 1/4 chicken with 2 side dishes and an additional greek salad to ensure we hit that RM25!

This was Bro's set. See the happy, smiley face in the broccoli soup? :) The soup came with a slice of garlic bread, the 1/4 chicken (with hot peri-peri sauce) and walnut apple rice. The soup was terrible! It was instant soup out of a packet and wasn't even dissolved properly! Bro and I bit into a huge, salty lump of powdered seasoning! They were quite generous with the broccoli florets though.

This was my 1/4 chicken order with my Peri-peri fries! *dances* I ordered the Mediterranean rice as my other side order but they gave me Walnut Apple instead. Probably ran out of Mediterranean. The Walnut Apple rice was too sticky and starchy and a little too wet. It was chockful with raisins, mixed vege, walnuts and bits of apple and tasted a little like nasi pilaf. Peri-peri fries hit the spot! My french fry craving's sated now!

I didn't want something too spicy so I opted for Lemon & Herb seasoning on my chicken. Look what category Nando's placed me in!

Finally, Bro's dessert! I was quite impressed with the timing of the staff in bringing the dessert. Normally, in these fast-food places, they'll just bring everything with the meal and it's up to you to either watch the ice-cream melt as you scoff down your meal or eat the dessert first. But at Nandos, they actually waited till we were about done before bringing over the sorbet. I also thought it was going to be a scoop of sorbet in a cup and was pleasantly surprised to find that it was a little cup of the newly-launched Nestle sorbet!

A close-up of the sorbet with the famous Nando's chicken behind it. It was very mango-ey but a little sweet. Quite nice! It isn't easy to find affordable sorbet here!

Oh and finally, how could I forget our free 1/4 chicken?! Presentation was "excellent"! A 1/4 chicken sitting forlornly on a big empty plate! We couldn't eat it after all that food so we packed it home for leftovers. Can't let good food go to waste!


fooDcrazEE said...

Cheap eh ? Bought their sauces during promo at abt RM12 for 2 btls. Came bcak cook with them similar to what they have done and ....i failed.....*sob*

rokh said...

i did not know they have broccoli soup at nandos! i must go check it out

Sue said...

Foodcrazee - Sometimes better to just pay if not gonna eat that much! Guess they want to protect their "secret" peri-peri sauce. Otherwise if everyone cooked it themselves and it turned out exactly like Nandos, they'll have to close down! I noticed though, that they were grilling the chicken on what looked like a BBQ type thing as opposed to roasting. Could that be the secret?

Rokh - I think it's for a limited time only. A Christmas promo type thingy so do go soon!

fooDcrazEE said...

i think the secret is basting the chicken while grilling with intense heat. Dat way the heat will actually ensure the sauce to stick to the chicken.

rokh said...

wow, if you guys do concot it, let me know. i love to make one myself!

emotionalistic said...

I normally like the EXTRA HOT PERI PERI!! Love me make myself suffer...;P.

swee said...

yeah the soup taste really BAD.. it's so super dilluted.. i dont know why..
and the walnut rice wasn't nice also..
bad choice..

maybe i should just stick to the chicken only.. ahhaha

eatzycath said...

wow - u have much nicer food shots than mine (I was only focusing on those darned little cute flags)!

praveen said...

yeah...i felt that the walnut rice was sticky too...can't beat the mediterranean one,i wonder what ingredients they use for's soo irresistable