Tuesday, February 27, 2007

There's No Free Lunch

Picture borrowed from Rasa Malaysia

How about almost-free?!

I work near a mall and used to think that lunch would be horrendously expensive. We've had bad memories of paying RM9 for a plate of rice with a vege and chicken dish in the KLCC food court. But lo and behold, a saviour to my purse-strings came in the form of a hidden, albeit a little grubby food court primarily meant for workers of the mall!

Peppered with Malay stalls selling all variations of nasi campur* and snacks, I managed to enjoy a pretty decent lunch for around RM3-RM4. One day, I chanced upon a small nameless stall tucked away into a tiny corner manned by a tiny Indonesian Chinese lady.

My average prices were RM1.00 to RM1.50 for 2 vegetables, small pieces of chicken or fish and some egg with no rice! I believe the trick was the "No Rice" element! Sad to say, after a couple of months, she disappeared and my siblings swear that it was me who caused her downfall!

So while there isn't a free lunch for all, I did enjoy my almost-free lunch days! Now I'm back to looking for my cheap deals! Part of our Trying to Save Money venture!

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