Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Effective Communication

I recently changed jobs and am just a month old in my new company. I do miss several things about my old company such as the traveling we used to do and my internet flexibility and independence. I guess the nature of our work then involved more face to face meetings and I had a tremendous amount of exposure to some of the most important people in those countries. However, here, in my present company, I notice that they tend to rely on conference calls between their various subsidiaries instead of physical meetings. This is the way the world seems to be going especially for multinational companies which have offices all over the world. From a cost point of view, it’s definitely cheaper to make calls than to fly halfway around the world just for a meeting.

As a result, it is very important to have a good and reliable telephone system such as the Talkswitch telephone system sold by which my company uses. It’s a marvelously compact all-in-one telephone system with all kinds of sophisticated call handling features such as VOIP. Its reception is very clear and good which makes our conference calls almost as good as physical meetings. Plus it comes with easy installation and a free PC configuration software so setting it up is really simple. It’s a great phone and I’ll recommend it to any company seeking to reduce their communication and travel costs.

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