Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Hone Your Skills

I used to work with a construction company and sometimes it was scary knowing how unqualified immigrant workers who were literally fresh off the boat were responsible for building your home! I used to wonder how these new workers will know what to do and was told that they were usually taught by a previous employee who had been on the job for some time already. In fact, my colleague told me that in some cases, the site foreman had proved to be even better at reading the plans and planning the construction compared to the trained engineers! As good as experience is, it is equally important to have proper ConstructionSkills. There are lots of avenues for obtaining the right construction skills from engineering school to even online sites such as Cskills. It provides comprehensive information on the construction sector right down to health and safety rules which are often neglected in some courses. So if you’re in the construction line, be sure to ensure your employees are well-trained to avoid unnecessary accidents.

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