Tuesday, June 17, 2008

High Tech Medicating

If you're like me, you will really hate long waiting rooms in the doctor or pharmacist's office just to get a prescription. Or worse if you have a very popular doctor who has decided to take his annual vacation or jet off for a medical conference and you can't reach him to check up on a particular drug. Well, now if you have a Blackberry you can access drug information at the push of a button with the drug guide for blackberry. It is a comprehensive guide to drugs provided by Epocrates which caters to the medical industry. With a quick check, a doctor can easily check if his patient's drugs will give him side effects or whether it will clash with an existing drug he is taking. This has certainly revolutionized the world of medicine and who knows what other high-tech things we will have in the future!

This announcement was paid for by Epocrates

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