Thursday, June 26, 2008

Rock to the Music

I have a friend who is a huge music fan. He can’t bear to be away from his radio or iPod for any periods of time and perpetually seems to be plugged in! Sometimes I think these little music gadgets such as the iPod or the new HD Radio Receiver is indeed handy especially if you have a long and boring bus or train journey to take. A friend who recently moved to Singapore told me that her little digital radio is now her best friend on her long commutes to work on the bus. She’s indeed lucky to be in Singapore, land of technological gadgets. The new radio she showed me comes with iPod tagging so she can easily transfer tunes from her iPod to her little radio. Her radio is really quite nice and perhaps I should consider getting one for my office desk to help me pass some boring afternoons. Apparently the signal is really good despite it being antenna-less. Who knows I might just be able to get signals for Texas High Definition Radio stations here!

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