Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Extra Coaching

I had a child-filled weekend with DH's nieces. There were good moments and some really tough moments especially when the children started acting up. One surprising thing I learnt was how competitive schooling years are for children these days. There are all kinds of extra-curriculur activities they attend nowadays and all kinds of tuition. One of DH's nieces was telling me about her Statistics tutor whose classes she attended during the school holidays for Statistics help in her weaker Statistics subjects. She used to face quite a bit of Statistics problems when she first started school and always had a lot of trouble doing the Statistics questions her school assigned. Her parents tried to help but found that they were providing Statistics answers instead of encouraging her to think the problem through. So, having no other resort, they had to turn to tutoring to improve her weak subject. However, nothing is free in this world, not even free Statistics help so if you're a parent whose child is facing some problems at school, do be prepared to invest a little in helping them!

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