Monday, June 21, 2010

Investment Choices

I've been asking around what would be the best investments here especially since we aren't familiar with the market. We haven't saved all that much but hoped to maximise the savings we had instead of leaving it in the bank where we will end up losing money to inflation. I was considering to buy gold coins or maybe even shares but surprisingly the recommendations I received here was always to buy property. That's a really scary investment right now as the property prices are at an all time high and there has been a lot of rumours about it being a property bubble. Yet, other camps say the prices can only ever go up higher. Its a hard decision to make and I'm really not sure what we should invest in. Does anyone have suggestions of the best investments in Singapore?


Philippines properties said...

Property. For me this is something you would buy.

Paula M

Ray Brickman said...

You can try to look for a condo unit.. There are available condos around metro manila.. You can also follow this link. Hope it would help you.

Philippine Condo Rental Agency

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