Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I met up with a few friends last weekend on separate occasions. I came away deeply inspired by one of them who set up a blogshop which was different from all other blogsops out there. Her products were high quality merchandise from the US and before she launched her site, spent many days coding and creating a funky website with a managed hosting site. She did all these with a young daughter in tow and a husband who is currently based out of the country. I truly admire her zeal and passion. I should do some soul searching to find out what mine is too.


Go Go Elite Scooter said...

I think there are more 'superwomen' than we often care to acknowledge. Every woman out there who manages to run her home like clockwork, maintain a job, keep her husband happy and raise morally upright children is superhuman as far as i'm concerned..

You go girl!

Blogger said...

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