Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Delifrance Bistro

Delifrance has given itself a makeover and turned itself into a nice, cosy little bistro. The sibs and I were in Bintang Walk last weekend and decided to give the bistro in Sg. Wang Plaza a try. It's got nice little booths with cute "French flag" lamps casting a soft glow over the tables.

They've changed their menu too and now have a rather impressive selection of main dishes from lamb shanks to beef briskets and roast chicken, in addition to their normal tarts and sandwiches. Maybe because they're new, they're currently having several daily, lunch and dinner specials which are a pretty good deal.

Their nice new menu

Daily specials. Quite a good deal and there're two different choices of pasta toppings everyday.

Twas a Saturday so we opted for the Creole Chicken with Fettucine.

This caught our eye too! And November was the Cherry Jubilee dessert (top left). Hurrah!

We ordered a pasta from the Daily Specials (RM14.90) and a Lamb Shank (RM22.90) from the Mains so we could get the free dessert *wink*. They have a self-order form on the table where you tick what you want, bring it to the cashier, pay and wait for your food to come. This was a smart marketing move for them as the cashier's located right above a mouth-watering glass display case of fruit tarts and cakes! And Sis couldn't resist adding a peach tart (RM3.90) to our order.

The soup which was part of the Daily Special. Not sure what it was, probably Cream of Celery, out of a can. The soup wasn't much to shout about but the bit of baguette that accompanied it was crusty and chewy, the way a good baguette should be. Pity bout the size!

Creole Chicken Fettucine. What a disappointment! We expected a better presentation than this! The least they could have done was to mix it up! There were a few pieces of chicken coated in a slightly spicy, creamy, electric orange sauce which unfortunately had not much taste. A most depressing dish!

Luckily the lamb shank saved the day! This big shank came in a bowl of mashed potatoes, carrots and mushrooms swimming in a brown sauce. The meat was tender and falling off the bone while the sauce was nice and fragrant - Lovely! Our only gripe was that there wasn't enough sauce and when we requested for more, we were told that they weren't able to provide more as each dish came in its own packet from the central kitchen with pre-allocated sauce and ingredients! Quality control, I guess!

After the let-down with the soup and pasta, we didn't place too much hope on our free Cherry Jubilee dessert. However, it renewed our faith in Delifrance's desserts once again! It came in a cup - a scoop of vanilla ice-cream, surrounded by a delicious warm cherry sauce and generously topped with almond flakes. The little balls you can see in the sauce were delicious preserved cherries. They weren't the horrid tasting maraschino or glazed cherries but were soft, fruity cherries which tasted gorgeous! The warm cherry sauce was also lovely as it wasn't too sweet and it contrasted beautifully with the cold ice-cream. Ooh-la-la...

And our peach tart! Divine, as always! I have to say that Delifrance makes one of the nicest peach tarts around. The crust was nicely flavoured and the custard wasn't too sweet. It was topped with generous slices of peaches too which made it a wonderful end to the meal.

Overall, except for the soup and pasta, the food's pretty great and the desserts absolutely lovely! I saw a Delifrance advertisement in the paper the other day and they apparently have buffet breakfasts for RM9.90 at selected outlets now! I have to go give it a try one of these days! But if you do head that way, do try their lamb shank, Cherry Jubilee and peach tart! The free dessert in December is Crepe Suzette which calls for another visit next month! ;)

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