Thursday, November 10, 2005

An Ode to the Humble Pau

Oh, steamed green little mound,
So warm, soft and round,
Filled with a sweetish pandan paste,
That's so fragrant and lovely to taste,
One of my favourite breakfast foods,
It never fails to put me in the mood,
How I love my pandan pau,
Makes me long for one right now!

Okay, forgive the bad poetry! But I couldn't help waxing lyrical about my favourite pau (steamed filled bun)! I don't like just any pau but it has to be this green pandan-flavoured pau filled with pandan flavoured paste from the nearby coffee shop.

There's just something about the fragrant pandan paste within that had me hooked the first time I tried it! It isn't too sweet and has a very lovely smell...which could entirely be due to flavouring and colouring! Plus, I do love the greenish contrasting hues of the pau and its filling, don't you?!


babe_kl said...

but i prefer bao wid thin skin and loads of filling :p wai sik!

Sue said...

True la...this pau's skin too thick. But even the skin has pandan smell! :) Yummy!

rokh said...

looks really yummy! i want one right now! where to get it? LOL

fooDcrazEE said...

u made urself ? i prefer mine to be the vege pau - turnip...

Sue said...

Rokh - I've seen it being sold in a coffee shop in Lucky Garden, Bangsar...the name eludes me now...I bought mine from a neighbourhood coffeeshop in USJ area.

Foodcrazee - bake?! :p No la..bought! I like vege pau too. My mom used to make darn good ones! Maybe it's time to learn the trick of the trade!