Thursday, November 17, 2005

Phuket Street Food

I was in Phuket during the Raya break for a short diving trip and just wanted to share some of my favourites from there! Just like Malaysians, they eat 24 hours too from all kinds of small stalls dotted all around the place! Due to security reasons, I didn't carry a camera so had to source the Net for some pictures to show you what we had!

There are fruit stalls like this all over Patong Beach. And the minute we arrived, I headed straight for my favourite...

Ice-cold fresh pineapple! Their pineapple is really sweet, a little like the Sarawak pineapple found here and is heavenly with a dash of their chilli sugar sprinkles! And only THB10 (RM1) for 1/4 of a pineapple!

Lots of stalls sell grilled skewered stuff all over the place too. We tried the grilled chicken thigh for THB30 (RM3) which was delicious! It's pre-grilled and they'll grill it again to heat it up, then sprinkle some seasoning over it before wrapping it up in a plastic bag. It tastes a little like our grilled chicken wings here but lots better! We also tried a sausage for THB10 (RM1). It's nice and fat and tastes just like bratwurst! Could it be their local version of bratwurst?! It's very cheap compared to sausages here!

And this was our all-time favourite, grilled squid on a stick! J loved it so much we had to source for it at 2am on our last night there just to eat it one last time before coming home! The squid (left, closest to you) will be barbequed on a tiny portable grill (be warned, it emits lots of smoke so don't stand too near or you'll be smelling of grilled squid till your next bath!), bathed with this wonderfully delicious, super-spicy and sour chilli sauce and accompanied by several leafs of fresh lettuce. It's always perfectly cooked and so juicy and tender that each bite yields easily. Ah, I still have fond memories of it! It's cheap too at only THB10 (RM1)!

And wash it all down with bottled Reverse-Osmosis water! Easily available from any of their convenience stores for a mere THB5 (RM0.50) a bottle!

I'll be off to Bangkok late December so hope to be back with more Thai street pictures!


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your post! I'm looking forward to your next post.

rokh said...

wow...yummy street food.

Sue said...

Anon - thanks! Would love to post more often but work's been hectic.

Rokh - yes, yummy indeed! :)

fooDcrazEE said...

THB 50 = RM0.50 ? thought it was THB10 =RM1.00 ? or i was wrong....hmmmm

Sue said...

Thanks for pointing it out, Foodcrazee! The water was THB5 which equals RM0.50 *blush*

boo_licious said...

Yum! I love Thailand and yes, the squid on skewers is yummy. What else along Patong Beach? The pancakes are nice too and my fav is the orange juice they make from the green skinned oranges.

You're going to BKK! Lucky you as that is food paradise. Remember to take lots of pixs and go to Chatuchak!

Sue said...

Boo - I'll make sure I pack the camera! I won't be hitting a weekend so no Chatuchak :(

There are heaps of grilled skewered stuff everywhere around Patong Beach for about RM1-RM3. Didn't really see the green-skinned orange juice. I've seen that more often in Bangkok. Ditto with the pancakes too. Ooh...lots of seafood (HUGE HUGE prawns!) in almost every Patong Beach restaurant! :)