Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Keep Out of Sun

I’m a strong advocate of sunscreen. Since young, my mom has always conditioned us to protect ourselves from the sun as it can be really harmful to the skin. When we were taking swimming lessons, we used to slather ourselves with sunscreen before hitting the pool. Till today, the smell of sunblock is always something I associate with swimming! When buying sunblock, I tend to look for higher SPF sunblocks that don’t clog your skin. I have sensitive skin and sometimes I’m worried that the sunblocks sold on the market can be a bit bad for the skin as they are rather thick. So I was really excited when I found out there’s a new sunblock on the market called Screen, Inc. which is specially catered for teenage skin! This means that it’s light enough not to clog pores and yet strong enough to protect the skin from the being ravaged by the sun. It’s important to always protect yourself from the sun if you don’t want prematurely aged skin!

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