Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Playing Online

I have a group of girlfriends from my ex company. It was quite funny how we got to know each other as we are from very diverse backgrounds and of very different ages. I am the youngest among them and most of them are already married or mothers so it’s quite funny how we find things to talk about sometimes! One of my friends in that group is a real casino fan! I never knew that until she told me about how she and another friend played hooky from work to go up to Genting Highlands for half a day of gambling at the slot machines! She told me part of the fun was going up there and having the thrill of playing although she didn’t win much. Maybe I should tell her about Online Poker which is available online. With online poker she doesn’t even need to leave her house or can even play in the office if she’s bored! They’re flexible and allow payment through paypal or bank accounts and even provide great reviews of most online poker sites available online so you wouldn’t waste your time playing at a boring one. However, despite the online casino facilities available, I’m sure most people still find pleasure playing at a physical machine!

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