Sunday, November 11, 2007

Caring for the Aged

In Malaysia, the concept of an extended family used to be quite common with most families. Usually children will resort to taking care of their aged parents. However, I recently read that families today seem to be opting for care homes for their parents or parent. This is sometimes sad to see as they resort to putting their parents in a home and hardly visit them. On the other hand, I guess some of them may actually have no choice if their parent requires medical care or constant attention which they, as working individuals, may not be able to provide to their best abilities.

It’s never easy to make that decision and personally, I think it should only be a last resort especially since your parents took wonderful care of you all throughout your life even when you were helpless. However for those who may be looking for care options, lost of information can be found at This site provides lots of news, views and tips from the experts. You can even chat to other people in similar situations on their interactive forum. So do arm yourself with all knowledge available before making such a decision.

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