Thursday, November 15, 2007

Find The Perfect Host

I’m really clueless about techie stuff so when I wanted to set up my own dotcom, luckily I had sis to help me out with that. I was looking around for a good webhosting site and did some online searches to see what there was out there. One site that caught my eye was, a great site that providing lots of help in choosing the right web host for my site. They had a little quick start guide where all I had to do was to put in some variables like monthly cost, setup fee, diskspace or bandwidth and they would provide a list of the best hosts to suit what I wanted. They have a really good extensive FAQ page as well where I got most of my questions about web hosting answered. They are a really useful site as they cater to both personal and business sites for all sizes, whether a small site with little traffic like mine or a large e-commerce site. So if you’ve been on the lookout for a good web hosting site, start first with to find the host that will suit you best!

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