Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Teak Teak Teak

I went to a Hari Raya open house recently that was held in the luxurious grounds of a huge mansion. It was a fantastic party with all kinds of big names around the place. The garden it was held in was really beautiful. It had immaculately landscaped designs and really beautiful teak garden furniture arranged in cosy little groups that made the perfect arrangement for the various people who wanted to chat in their little private groups.

I asked the host where she got the furniture from and she told me she actually bought it online from Teak Wood Patio Furniture. It’s a great site that deals in al kinds of teak furniture, from pretty little tables to cosy teak benches. It has everything anyone would ever need for a nice patio or garden set made from this sturdy and long lasting wood furniture. I personally like teak very much and someday when I have my own place, I’m going to get a nice pair of teak benches for a nice rustic look in the house.

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