Sunday, November 11, 2007

Help Between Paychecks

My friend recently bought a car and was wondering how much loan amount to take out. He was intending to make a bigger down payment on the car amount so he could reduce his loan amount and hence his monthly repayments. This was quite important for him as he had a monthly commitment of two housing loans on top of this car loan he was intending to take. He recently received a call from a bank offering him an interest free loan. However, I warned him against taking it as there was usually a catch to it.

He decided not to take it up in the end. I told him that if he needed bridging financing between his paychecks, he could consider taking short term No Fax Payday Loans which come in smaller amounts to help him tide the difficult period before his next paycheck. Since the amounts are smaller, any interest levied on it will also be less and more manageable than a bit amount. Hopefully, however, he will not need a payday loan as it is always best to avoid getting into too much debt.

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