Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Breakfast in the air

Before my very first trip on an airline, I was repeatedly warned of how disgusting airplane food was. However, on that inaugural flight, the little hot tray of food that appeared on my fold-up table was something that smelled and tasted absolutely delicious!

Now, many flights and airlines later, I begin to understand why some people complain about the food! And the food quality on some good airlines have dropped drastically. However, a recent long and tiring flight reminded me again how welcoming that little tray can be.

We were served poached eggs for breakfast. What a surprise! I had never had poached eggs on a flight before! It came with a nice sauce (I think it was supposed to be hollandaise), spinach, tomatoes and a really tasty little hash brown.

Of course, the downside was that we were served exactly the same thing on our return flight out and it didn't seem that nice anymore! I now sometimes order special meals on flights. It's a bit of a mystery as to what you're going to get but the extra dish of fruit instead of cake is always a welcome!

If you're interested on checking out more airline meals from all over the world, hop over to AirlineMeals!


tuktoyaktuk said...

How lux! Do they serve giraffe ham on safari air? haha

KY said...

you were lucky, that's definately the exception rather than the rule.

Sue said...

Tuk - Giraffe ham, I wish! Watch this space, some exotic stuff coming up, though not giraffe!

KY - Hi, thanks for dropping by. Yeah, I did count my lucky stars it was edible. However the meal they served before was really bad so it's a 50% chance!

Kate O'Brien 8G12 said...

Lucky. I sometimes get alright looking food, but you're stomach always hurts coz you're up in the air. So I spend the whole flight clutching my stomach. Fun.

fooDcrazEE said...

hollandaise - doesnt look like it and poach egg ? u sure ? anyway, lucky u. i never like their food anyway but CX so far so good.

Sue said...

Hi Kate, thanks for dropping by! Yeah flying does funny things to do stomachache!

Foodcrazee - Well, poached eggs was how they introduced it! It wasn't fabulous but any form of hot food when you're tired, dirty and hungry is pretty okay!