Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Seremban Beef Noodle

On a trip some time back to Muar, we took a small "Jalan-jalan Cari Makan" detour. Our destination? The Seremban wet market for the famous Seremban Beef Noodle!

The market was, a typical wet market with its myriad of smells and wet puddles everywhere. I didn't mind...I love wet markets! But if you're a bit grossed out, just hold your breath and quickly make your way up the stairs by the side to the first floor where all the good eats are! We weren't too sure which was the famous one but a quick call to Sis soon remedied that!

This is it! No. 74B Beef Noodle stall! It's right next to the sugar-cane stall.

It looks small and nondescript but there was a certain "beefiness" in the air that made our tummies growl as we quickly placed our orders. Do try their home-made loh shi fun. It's somewhat different from the loh shi fun we find in KL. Like everything else outside dainty KL, it's a lot bigger and robust compared to the thin slivers we have here.

Their service is super-fast. Place your order, order your sugar-cane juice and voila, it's set down on your table, fragrant and piping hot!

This was a beehoon version

And this the loh shi fun version

Two big bowls of noodles smothered in a rich, thick beefy sauce filled with slices of beef and preserved vege (which I love!)! What makes it unique are the roasted peanuts (1st picture) and generous helping of sesame seeds they sprinkle liberally into the noodles. The crunchy texture with the smooth noodles are a very interesting yet compatible arrangement!

The sauce is a little sweetish, possibly due to their sauces. But it coats the fat noodles well and proves for a delicious combination with every mouthful! They provide a small bowl of beefy broth with a few beef balls which washes down the meal well.

I wanted to try the famous Hakka Mee too but the stall was closed. However, Minishorts did a brilliant post here with mouth-watering pictures!

Do give it a try the next time you're in Seremban!


tuktoyaktuk said...

and you didn't even ta-pau for me :p

wyejon said...

i tot the noodles they use for Seremban beef noodles are 'lai-fun'. Which is the same noodles you can find in asam laksa.

Sue said...

Tuk - Didn't tarpau mah cos not coming back to KL on the same day!

Wyejon - Oops..really? I think it could be "lai-fun" which the lady mentioned but my Cantonese is so bad I took it to be "loh shi fun"! Thanks for correcting it :)

fooDcrazEE said...

big HUGGIES.....welcome back. been ages since u last posted.

boo_licious said...

Oooo, lucky you as these are very famous plus super yummy. I heard there's also great coffee around the area too.

Sue said...

Good coffee too?! I didn't know about that! I'm not much of a coffee drinker but when I do, I swear by Muar's famous 434 coffee! Hehe..

Sue said...

Hey, Mike - good to be back :)

tekko said...

Heard before the beef noodle is good... but if I want to try, I will need to head down to Seremban at nite, which is quite far ler...