Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Sungai Besi Wan Tan Mee

If you are feeling peckish late at night or are working late and missed the regular dinner time, never fear!! Just trundle down Sungai Besi and you'll find what is touted to be one of the best wantan mee in town!!

The stall is located next to a car mechanic (they use the premises after the shop closes) and is after the BP station, after the former Malaysian Tobacco building (now Niichi Fashion City). There is limited parking if you turn in the side lane where the stall is, and sometimes people park along the side of the road. Thats pretty dangerous if you ask me coz cars whizz by along that road to the North-South highway, with great abandon.

As this stall only comes out after the car shop closes, don't go there till about 8pm or you'd have to help them set up stall.

They specialise in..... you guessed it, Wantan Mee! They have dry/soup varieties of mee in small, medium and large. You can choose your own topping from the varieties offered, which amongst others are, char siew (bbq meat), siew yoke (roast meat), char yoke (meat braised with wood fungus), BBQ spare ribs, chicken feet and mushrooms, curry chicken, shredded chicken, duck braised with ginger .... (and I forget the rest)

Wantan Mee with duck braised with ginger
The noodles are nice and springy. There's 1 man specifically assigned to doing nothing but cooking the noodles! Its the only wantan mee I eat because there is no floury/lye smell in the noodle. However, I found it a bit of a rip-off as all we got was about 4 pieces of duck! This was the Medium sized one which is approximately RM5 (I forget the exact figure as it was a while ago)

Wantan Mee with Char Yoke

I had the small noodle with char yoke - Approx RM4.30 (?) but again, they are pretty stingy with their toppings, so the noodle ends up being expensive. It was sufficiently tasty but I don't think they drained the water from the noodle enough, so it was a tad watered down.

The char siew looked nice hanging from the glass enclosure as it was sufficiently burnt around the edges with a nice sheen. But when I saw the man slicing them, I opted NOT to have it. He was slicing them paper thin, and spreading them on top of the noodles like confetti!! You'd hardly be able to savour them before its all gone.

We also had sui kow (dumplings) which I recalled from previous occassions as being plump and crunchy and nice. However, what came was a slimmed down version of what I remembered. There was a lot of excess skin, the inside was not crunchy and it had decreased in size to something resembling a large wantan! At RM0.90 a piece, you'd be better off not eating it.

Pros: Fast, tasty food available late when you don't know where else to go for hawker food.

Cons: Expensive, small portions of toppings and don't have the sui kow

Guest-blogged by: tuktoyaktuk


babe_kl said...

this place is getting very bad these days. too pricy to eat here. the ori wantan mee seller is at pat ya thin food court along jalan cheras ;-)

babe_kl said...

this place is getting very bad these days. too pricy to eat here. the ori wantan mee seller is at pat ya thin food court along jalan cheras ;-)

Tummythoz said...

Pricey & stingy on portions. Stopped going many moons back.

tuktoyaktuk said...

Babe - which ori wantan mee is this? I know where the payathin food ct is - maybe should try.

tummy - yep I don't think i'll ever go back here again.

swee said...

i went to that place weeks back.. yeah agree it's quite expensive..

tekko said...

heard a lot of bad comments about this stall before...

babe_kl said...

the original stall was called pat ya thin and they moved out of sg besi to start off pat ya thin food court at jalan cheras (the one near peel road) few years back. their wantan mee stall is there now but i hvnt gone there for many moons.

after they shifted out, the current stall took over the place.