Monday, May 22, 2006

Roast Duck - Before and After

Dad came recently and brought with him a lovely treat all the way from Petaling Street...the famous "Sei Ngan Chai" roast duck! Foodcrazee had blogged not too long ago about the roast duck at Crystal Jade and that suddenly had me craving for roast duck. It must be his pictures and description 'cos I'm not much of a duck fan!

"Sei Ngan Chai" (loosely translated as 4 eyes man due to his specs) is a small stall on Petaling Street owned by a small, bad-tempered old man. He's hugely popular and lots of other imitation stalls have come up around him. I remember queueing for hours on Chinese New Year eve just to get a duck to bring home for CNY! His roast duck is described as Salted Roast Duck which is probably what that makes it different from others. He's a no-nonsense man so don't expect daintily chopped duck pieces! Instead be prepared for huge, hulking pieces! :)

Look at those huge pieces! And the size of that drumstick! Must have been a HUGE duck!

Another picture. If you peer closely you'll probably see the specks of seasoning on the top piece. It's the secret ingredient that makes his duck so delicious!

Needless to say, we couldn't finish so much duck in one meal. So sis turned the leftovers into something equally good. Duck before *points above* and duck after *points below*

She stir-fried the remaining duck with lots of leek and soy sauce. Yummy! It's one of our favourite recipies for any leftover duck or steamed chicken. Do give it a try and whenever you're in Petaling Street, do look out for that little wizened old man with the push cart. The fragrance from the roast duck when you open the packet is really something quite heavenly! :)


JIN said...


After reading this, THIS is what the kids and me are going to have for lunch later!!!!


p/s : I fear coming here, wonder when would that day I get really FAT!!!! I am greedy and have weakness for food you see.

btw do you know anywhere that serve the BEST pepper steak in Singapore? Been having craving for pepper steak for a while, hehehe.

Sue said...

Hi Jin! So glad to hear from you again! Hehe..enjoy your lunch with your two girls! Do let me know how it went! :)

If you fear getting fat just from me who's been eating it! :P

I'm not sure about pepper steak in Singapore. I'm not too familiar with Singapore food but I'll let you know if I find out anything!

JIN said...

The duck was good, but not AS GOOD, since they are using frozen duck, somehow they no longer taste the same anymore ... and I wonder why.

And we had Hainanese (White) Chicken rice for dinner, yum yum.

Hiaz, I am one eating machine, actually I could finish ONE WHOLE duck on my own on top of other food .....

boo_licious said...

ooooo, now I want some roast duck too.

Tummythoz said...

Yes, yes, sei-ngan chai. Noticed the 'big dent' between his thumb & index finger which accomodate his heavy sharp cleaver? It is said that it's due to the zillion ducks he had been chopping!

Sue said...

Hi Jin! You mean the roast duck in Singapore is made from frozen duck? Oh, yummy...I like Hainanese Chicken Rice! Do you get the chicken rice balls in Singapore too? And you can really eat! :O

Boo - go get some for lunch :)

Tummythoz - Oh yes, I've seen that dent! And yes, he actually confirmed in an interview that it was due to many years of chopping duck! I haven't seen him recently though. I think his daughter's the one manning the stall now.

babe_kl said...

btw is this the one labeled themselves as "Sei Ngan Chai"?? but each morning i passed by it's manned by a lady. *roll eyes*

Sue said...

Hi Babe! I think Mr "Sei Ngan Chai" has decided to retire. I believe his daughter is running it now but he does make his little appearances every now and then!

JIN said...

Yah, since the bird flu thingy, they came up with rules about 'live' ducks and (I think) chicken! So now duck cost more then before.

Well, I only know one 'place' in SG still having that chicken rice ball thingy, other then that, I don't actually seen any.