Thursday, May 25, 2006

Lunch in Bangkok

When in Bangkok, Dad loves staying in Chinatown (Yaowaraj Road) cos of the fabulous food in that area. It's mainly authentic Teochew style food and long-forgotten cakes and delicacies which are no longer sold here can be found in the little stalls there.

One of our favourite haunts is a simple little stall at the front of an alley which opens up to a market specializing in fish balls and fried fish cake. I love the way the Thai hawkers always have that ubiquitous little glasses of chilli and fish sauce at every table. For a chilli-lover, it's wonderful having as much chilli as you can eat right at your disposal without having to constantly call for more.

Clockwise from bottom left: Crushed chilli flakes (oh-so spicy!), Fish sauce, salt and my favourite pickled chillis (sour and spicy - what a lovely combination!)

We ordered a combination of their egg noodle and kuey tiaw. Their kuey tiaw is deliciously smooth and served dry. However, their dry version doesn't involve any dark or soy sauce. It's served with just a dash of fish sauce and sesame oil. The cook then throws on a handful of freshly blanched beansprouts, spring onions and finally - what I loves best...fishballs and slices of their homemade fishcake.

Their homemade fishballs are very soft and not springy like some commercial ones. Hopefully, that means less boric acid used! The fishcake is actually fish meat seasoned with fried onions and prepared in long rolls which are fried before it's sliced into pieces for serving. It's really delicious, I haven't been able to find an equivalent here yet.

Because the fishballs are so good, we always end up ordering an extra bowl of fishbowls! Sigh, I want to go back to Bangkok again! It's cheaper than our noodles here too. A bowl of noodles costs less than RM3 which makes it good for second helpings! :)

Note: I've seen the Thais eating these type of noodles in a fascinating pink soup as well! Thanks to RealThai for enlightening me! I have to give it a try next time now that I know what it's called!


tuktoyaktuk said...

*drools* when shall we next go there so I can pig out on scallops?! *looks at TOH* lol

spots said...

say do u mind telling me more abt the food in chinatown bangkok and how to get to this stall u mentioned ? i'll be in bangkok and staying slightly near chinatown soon ! :)

Sue said...

Tuk - Yummy! Next time got a cheap flight la!

Spots - Hi! Wait for my next post, it's the ultimate dinner in Chinatown Bangkok! ;) Oh dear, I can't really remember how to get to this stall. Chinatown isn't very big. This stall was off the main street of Yaowaraj Rd and at the entrance of a smallish alley. But I'm sure any other fishball noodle will be just as good!

ken said...

i ve read your blog :) its yummy and make me feel hungry all the times.

Sue said...

Thanks Ken - we go makan some interesting stuff on of these days then I can feature it here! ;)

Sue said...

Spots - I just've got to get to the street parallel to Yaowaraj Rd. This stall is along one of the alleys of that street and is near an embroidery shop selling lurid pink wedding bedsheets!