Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Convenience Food

There are times when even a foodie has to resort to convenience food, crappy as they may be. I was a bit busy today so lunch was a quick grab at the food section of the neighbourhood 7-11 on my way out. I chose the most appetising-looking thing there which was this:

Fried beehoon! It was a pretty decent portion - a plastic tupperwareful for RM1.80. It was spicy Malay-style fried vermicelli, with some onion sambal and some strips of fried omelette. It even came with its own plastic take-away fork!

I think it was provided by one of those home-based industries which have a steady supply to all 7-11 branches. The label even had a nutritional analysis which was quite surprising as most of our local food like nasi lemak doesn't have a nutrition analysis. The calories and fat in nasi lemak will probably scare a lot of people off if they knew what was in there!

It tasted quite decent, though a little on the oily side. They were pretty generous with the sambal and fish cake slices which I liked! The sambal wasn't too spicy and was a little sweet. However, it perhaps wasn't too good an idea to stick the fork on top of the noodles as it resulted in a pretty oily fork.

And, that was lunch! Washed down with a cup of my favourite green tea.

There you go...proof that Funky Cookies doesn't always make you drool and feel hungry!


Amelia said...

Probably tastes better than the school canteen food which we used to have...donkey years ago...hehe

Btw, I love green tea. :p

tuktoyaktuk said...

wahlau-eh! You eat mee siam?! :O Now I feel like eating it! :p *drool* You lie :P