Monday, August 29, 2005

Asia Cafe!

Asia Cafe is a new swanky food court that has come up in SS15, Subang Jaya. It's opposite Inti College and has a mind-boggling variety of food stalls with all kinds of interesting food.

Parents were here on Friday night so we decided to head out there for a nice Friday dinner. We got there to find that Sis and her DB (Dinner Buddy) had started the ordering session and the table was already laden with food!

This were kebabs from a nice Italian man. It had generous chunks of beef and veges and went well with the special sauce.

This was Sarawak kolo mee. It's hand-made noodles tossed in seasoning and sesame oil and garnished with slices of charsiew, minced pork, fishcakes and veges. Goes very well with pickled green chillies!
We're big fans of Korean food so dinner usually includes something from this nice Korean-run family stall with pretty good and authentic Korean food.

We had bibimbap which is rice with veges, kimchi (Korean pickled vege), beef and a fried egg. The secret lies in the gochujang which gives it that nice spicy taste.

To eat, you mix it all up with your chopsticks or fork and dig in!
They had also ordered mandu which are pan-fried Korean meat dumplings served with a spicy dipping sauce.

We took a breather with the jumbo-sized juices they have while others took a walk to see what else to order. See the size of the glass?! The juice is nice and thick, unlike some places which try to pass off diluted stuff for juice!

Dad came back with a Vietnamese lemongrass chicken rice. It had a good-sized fried chicken leg fillet which had been flavoured with lemongrass. It tasted a little like Malay-style fried chicken.

Bro had the calzone from the pizza stall. They do really nice Italian-style thin crust pizzas for a decent price.
Feeling like some grilled fish, I headed over to make my pick from a wide range of seafood from the Portugese grilled fish stall.
It came looking spicy! Under all that lime, ladies fingers and chilli is a fish! It was quite fresh and soft. And tasted delicious with the chilli, which wasn't as spicy as it looks!
For veggie intake, we also had four-angle beans with squid. It came sizzling on a hot plate lined with banana leaves. Sadly, the four-angle beans were too old and tough.

Finally, the highlight of the night (what we were really there for!) - the Chilli Crabs! There's a stall there specialising in Chilli Crabs for RM13 a plate. You get 11/2 crabs cooked in a thick, sweet chilli gravy.
And for RM2 more you get a loaf of fried mantou to mop up all that delicious sauce with!
The after-math! :p This is why Asia Cafe's such a nice dinner choice! All kinds of food varieties to suit every tastebud in a nice and comfortable environment!


Makan Kings said...

We've been to Asia Cafe. It is HUGE!! Tried the chilli crabs too. It was DElicious!! The fried mantao that came with it was the perfect thing to mop all that delicious sauce up.

-Makan Kings-

boo_licious said...

I want, I want! I get so deprived of crabs as Splashie Boy does not like it. I must try this place out, now what excuse will I use that we should drive all the way to Subang Jaya to eat?

tytty said...

hey guys, just heard on tv that the syd opera hse will be closed off to tourists as well as local for the next 3 days because there're gonna be lots of protesters - anti war, anti global warming, anti refugee detention, yea, all sorts .. the Forbes Global CEO conference will be held there ..

tytty said...

oh yes before i forget, ooohh chilli crab i like (and i miss)

Sue said...

Thanks so much for the info, Tian! Hey, it's time to take a holiday back home! ;)

Boo...just show Splashie Boy the various other stuff there is to eat at Asia Cafe and that HK Cafe and he'll be sold! :D

Su Yuen Hsiang said...

Have to tell you..if you haven't already tried..the lai liu ha bakar is great stuff

Acrix said...

Never been there before and would definitely like to try the bibimbap :) Arh tokking bout foods and it;s 3am now...Hungry~