Monday, August 22, 2005

Breakfast in..Muar! Not Tiffany's!

I've previously blogged about my trips to Muar and the stuff we eat. But unlike the previous time, this time absent-minded me remembered the camera!

As usual, our first stop was Mui Lee coffeeshop. I love those old coffeeshops with their cracked marble tables and wooden cupboards filled with pillow-shaped fragrant loaves of bread. Starbucks somewhat lacks that old-world charm!

What's breakfast without the good ol' cup of coffee? I'm not a coffee drinker but the coffee is so good my parents and their friends normally have 2 cups each during their coffee break morning time!

With that we had nasi lemak from the one and only stall in the coffeeshop. Their sambal is simply gorgeous! And they serve it with tofu cooked in coconut milk and 2 eggs for regulars like us! :)

Finally, what's breakfast in Muar without satay?! Apparently, Muar's the only place where people eat satay for breakfast! This plate of mutton satay came from the same stall. They just plonk on a number of sticks and you get charged for only what you eat, unlike satay in Kajang where you state how many sticks you want.

Food in Muar is always cheap and good! Satay is till only RM0.30 a stick while that big plate of nasi lemak probably costed only RM2. And delicious coffee for a fraction of Starbuck's price! Do drop by! :)


boo_licious said...

Yum, I love satay for brekkie. Besides Muar, you can get it for breakfast in Kelantan.

Dave Gerber said...

I would like to taste chicken with eggs, looks delicious. Maybe i will write about my expressions to do my homework for me blog.