Monday, August 08, 2005

RM2.99 oysters!

Hi all! Sorry for the lack of posts. It's been a busy two weeks and I've been running up and down Johor for work. There were good eats along the way but alas, I didn't have my camera!! Nevertheless, we rounded off a long week last Friday with a nice meal at Loganhaus, USJ Taipan.

We had gone for a free bone density test at the Why Pharmacy in Taipan and were intending to adjourn to Asia Cafe for dinner when this sign caught our eyes. J's a great lover of oysters and his eyes lit up at the sign. We were still a little torn between eating here or at Meaty House but the oysters won over any visions of crispy pork knuckle he had! At RM2.99++ an oyster, it was definitely a steal! Cheaper than the oysters from Unique Seafood Village which are approximately RM4 each.

I don't like oysters so J ordered 3 for himself. They came sitting pretty on a plate of ice with a good-sized lemon wedge on each one.

A squeeze of lemon...

And mmmm..... :)

I wasn't too hungry so I had oxtail soup. Loganhaus does a pretty good oxtail soup with enough spices, fragrance and richness in the beefy broth. My only complaint was that there wasn't enough oxtail in it! All they had was just that one lone bone sitting in the soup. They serve a complimentary garlic bread together with the soup and it was nice and home-made with enough butter and garlic on it to make it finger-licking good!

J had a lamb chop for mains. It came covered with mushroom sauce and a serving of boiled vegetables and potato wedges. I like the fact that they use boiled vegetables here as opposed to mayo-slathered salads or coleslaws. I had a taste and it was rather good, even for a non-lamb lover! Needless to say, he enjoyed it tremendously, lamb being one of his favourite meats!

It was a nice way to end the week. Good food, great company, decent prices...couldn't be better!


boo_licious said...

I always wanted to try this place but everytime when we're at Taipan, we end up at Pizza Uno. The lamb looks good, maybe I can persuade someone that we should switch venues next time.

Sue said...

Hi Boo_licious! Do give it a try when you're in Taipan! I love the lamb shank too, although I'm not too huge a fan of lamb! And the prime rib here is real good too! If you like oysters, go while the promo's still on! :)

babe_kl said...

rennie's in jalan gasing used to served the best ever oxtail soup but sadly the taste a bit lacking after rennie passed away :(