Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Breakfast for dinner

The haze...the haze... :(

It's been rather depressing to look outside and wonder if your eyes are hazy or is the weather just really bad. And there seems to be a greenhouse effect with all the heat trapped. All that heat coupled with the onset of flu made me lose my appetite totally so it was just a simple dinner last night with minimal cooking.

Did a simple onion and cheese omelette. I tried flipping it but it broke! It's time to get a good non-stick frying pan! Any suggestions, anyone?

Had it with toast and more cheese. We like "The Laughing Cow" brand cheese. It spreads very well.

The bread was from my last trip to Singapore. It was the Sunshine Soft Fibre Honey & Oat bread. I always get laughed at for buying bread from Singapore! They have so many different varieties you can't get here.
I wonder why?! All we have here is the boring ol' Gardenia sandwich bread! Having been exposed to so many different kinds of bread during my studies in Australia, it was a big disappointment to find that the nice breads I love are too steep here!

Anyway, it was a light and simple dinner...someone probably raided the cookie jar after that!!

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