Monday, August 08, 2005

A peppery meal

Saturday dawned bright and early with exercise! Crawling out of bed at 7.30am on a Saturday for a tennis lesson is quite a feat! Had a tennis and swimming session with J and his cousins. My hand-eye coordination is terrible so it was more of a "running-around-the-court" session!

But after all that running around and swimming, we were all starving by 11am and more than ready for a good lunch. So off we went to Sg. Buloh for some sweat-inducing peppery stuff! Sg. Buloh's famous for their nurseries and fish farms so lots of people do head out there during weekends to pick up cheap plants and Balinese garden sets. And right next to a busy road with precarious parking is a small little open-air coffee shop with mind-blowing pepper soup! It's so obscure that even age and smog has obliterated the signboard so unfortunately I can't tell you the name! But it's in a row of shops just before a traffic light...haha, great directions! If anyone's interested, drop me a comment and I'll try to get proper directions!

Our party of 7 persons had a claypot of Bak Kut Teh, yellow wine chicken and the super spicy pepper chicken soup. We added on two vegetables with oyster sauce and the proprieter cautioned us against ordering anymore in case we couldn't finish it! Then again, we proved him quite wrong!

On the left is the Bak Kut Teh while the right is the Yellow Wine Chicken. Was too busy tucking in to take pictures of the Pepper Chicken!

The Bak Kut Teh was full of abalone mushrooms, tau pok, soft lean trotter meat (my favourite!) and spare ribs. The soup was fragrant and sweet from all the meat...perfect for filling hungry tummies!

The sweet and unique aroma of the wine chicken hit us even before it came to the table. It came bubbling in a claypot with enoki mushrooms, half a chicken, "ke chi" (wolfberries) and large pieces of ginger. The soup was deliciously winey and immediately warms the body...not quite what we needed for a boiling hot afternoon but the taste and aroma made up for the heat outside!

The pepper chicken came in a similar claypot but the soup was filled with crushed pepper seeds, giving the soup a fiery spiciness that was rather addictive!

The 3 different soups were drunk to the last drop and washed down with iced Chinese tea. At approximately RM11 per person, it was definitely a satisfying meal after all that morning exercise! Then again, after all that food, the exercise was probably in vain!


boo_licious said...

Wow, looks good. I think this place is quite famous as some friends of mine did mention it before.

Sue said...

Boo_licious, it was good! :)Get your Splashie Boy to drive you there! hehe..if you like I'll try to get directions for you. It's this small place by the side of the road and parking can be quite difficult. I've heard that they have really good stir-fried mushrooms too and the dry version of the wine chicken. Still yet to try those!

Anonymous said...

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