Monday, August 22, 2005

I Feel Like Chicken Tonight!

I was on MC for a day and was feeling bored. So I decided to try something new for dinner - Braised Chicken from scratch!

I used about 50 ml of light soy sauce, 50 ml of dark soy sauce, some brown sugar and quite a few cloves of garlic for flavour. Put it all in a pot with some water to boil. After it had boiled a while, I washed and added in a few star anise, some cloves and 2 cinnamon sticks.

After it had simmered for a while, I added in 5 chopped chicken thighs, some mushrooms and hard boiled eggs. My measurements were all rather "agak-agak" so I wasn't too shocked when I tasted the fragrant broth to find it too salty! Panicking for a minute, I found 2 potatoes, quickly cubed and added them in too. Thank goodness for potatoes!!

It filled the house with a nice fragrant aroma as it simmered. And to this novice cook, that was the smell of success! :) The addition of each ingredient altered the taste slightly. The chicken made it sweet while the mushrooms gave it a slightly woody flavour. But all combined, it smelt and tasted almost like the braised chicken I've tasted outside.

This was the finished product! My tastebuds were a little off from my flu so I couldn't really taste it.

But J's comment that I had "perfected braised chicken" was enough for me! :) I only hope I get it right again on a second attempt!

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boo_licious said...

Looks good, especially with the hard boiled egg. Yummy with porridge.