Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Chicken fit for an Emperor

It was a lazy Sunday and after that hearty meal at Asia Cafe, it was a welcome change to cook something light and simple for dinner. Looking around the house, I found a packet of "Emperor Chicken" mix we had bought some time back to try.

The top left corner (sorry, not very clear!) said that the wrappers for the chicken were even included! Perfect for people like us who never have these things whenever we need them! Perhaps one day chicken will be included too?! :)

It was an easy task of rubbing the mix all over and inside the chicken, wrapping it up in the first plastic wrapper...

...followed by the second foil wrapper and putting it into steam for approximately 2 hours.

After 2 hours, the packet was opened to reveal a fragrant and tender Emperor chicken! The herbs had infused nicely into the flesh which gave it a nice herby taste. The sweetness of the chicken too had collected in a broth which made delicious drinking. The chicken was tender but not "meat-falling-off-the-bone-tender" which I expected. Maybe it had to be steamed a little longer as we had to open the wok lid halfway to add in more water.

I think I'll try it next time with additional herbs like red dates, ke chi (Chinese wolfberries) and yuk chok for better taste and herbal properties!


Jason said...

That looks like herbal chicken leh~! :P But why is it call Emperor's Chicken? :P

Julie said...

wahh how come urs looked so delicious?? haha i did that too! but not the whole chicken.. i replaced it with chicken wings (i love wings ^^)

its a lazy meal for me (=

KY said...

hey, nice food blog!

cook some for me will ya? :/

tytty said...

funny, i bought the exact same thing yesterday for AUD$2.20 and was planning to make it for dinner tonight

hav a great time (feasting) in syd .. haha, i keep on wishing you guys well for your hols

Sue said...

Jason - nicer name than herbal chicken mah! :P

Julie - I dunno, just followed instructions! :)

KY - Thanks :) I definitely will...through my blog! Hehe..

Tian - Thanks again! Hehe..good wishes are always welcome! :) Good luck with your chicken! Hope it turns out well!

boo_licious said...

I always see those packs in the supermkt but not tried them. Looks like I should give it a try as it does look good.