Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Star Hong Kong Cafe

"You don't need to be in Hong Kong to experience delicious Hong Kong food"

No, all you need to be is at Star Hong Kong Cafe, USJ 9!

I couldn't help noticing the tagline of the cafe. And I thought they had to be pretty good to make such claims since Hong Kong is so famous world-wide as a gastronomic heaven!

So we decided to give breakfast a try while waiting for J's car to be washed at the nearby Shell station. It's a small but bright and cheery cafe. It's orange walls had big pictures of yummy-looking food and booth type seats. It's more of a family place compared to Kim Gary which somehow seems to attract a younger crowd.

They have a special breakfast menu till 11.30 with some sets and an add-on for coffee or tea for RM1. The prices are about the same as all the other Hong Kong style restaurants out there. J opted for Set C with a coffee add-on while I opted to pick off his plate since I wasn't too hungry!

Service was quite fast. I was a little surprised, though, at the no-frills look to the pork chop. It came sans any gravy or sauce. However, it was quite tender and well-seasoned so I suppose it didn't need any gravy to accentuate it further. The yolks of the eggs were bright and yellow and they came sitting on some thousand island sauce over cucumber and tomato slices.

I expected the butter toast to be a thick Hong Kong type toast with a dollop of butter melting on it but it turned out to be a plain thin slice of bread with butter. The toast looked a little forlorn so no picture of it and it came only when we were almost done with the set.

The whole breakfast came up to slightly under RM10 plus tax and coffee. Personally, I find these Hong Kong style cafes a little over-priced for rather simple food. But since food in Hong Kong isn't cheap, perhaps they were using Hong Kong prices as a basis!

The cafe is at the end of USJ9 , is few shops down from the Tanjung Mamak Resturant and next to the Shell and Petronas petrol stations. They had quite an extensive ala-carte menu for lunch and dinner with their noodles in "famous shark bone soup"! Maybe next time!


boo_licious said...

Interesting but I am so rarely around the subang jaya area.

Tony M said...

It's 8:50am at the moment & looking at these pics has got my mouth watering like crazy...
A bit of a wait till lunch time yet:-)

Sue said...

Boo...lots of HK-style places do set brekkies too! It's quite tasty but I'm not really a fan of HK-style places. They tend to be a bit heavy handed with MSG!

Hi Tony, thanks for dropping by!