Thursday, August 11, 2005

Penang Kao Chi

Was aimlessly walking about trying to make my one big decision for the day - what to eat for lunch. Almost tried most food in the area I work, so when this little stall caught my attention, I decided I'll buy something from here since I've not tried it out. I think it's been there a while now, I just never thought to try.

The stall is called Deli Delights in Mid Valley Megamall's Lower Ground Floor near McDonald's. They have a wide variety of chinese cakes - yam cakes, "ang ku", "woon chai ko", "kao chi" and an array of others, but I have no idea what they're called. I decided on the Penang kao chi after some minutes.

At RM5 for a pack of 5-piece Penang kao chi, I must say it is quite pricey. But then again, this is mall price we're paying. But to be fair, the kao chi was filled with a lot of ingredients - turnip, carrots and dried prawns. You can see that it's generously filled from the picture and it does look very appetizing. As I'm not a sweet-toothed person, the kao chi won't get a fantastic review from me because the turnip was a tad too sweet for my fancy. It would be better if it wasn't as oily too. But it is definitely quite an enjoyable delicacy compared to the ones that don't quite have enough oomph because of the small portions of fillings so that all you ate was the wrapper skin instead of the vegetables.

All said and eaten, I think I'll try the yam cake next.


just sayin' said...

Your site has made me hungry, hungry, hungry.

Sue said...

Come visit more often, we promise to make you hungrier, hungrier, hungrier...