Monday, July 25, 2005

Muar, without a camera! :O

Yes, so I did make my trip back to Muar but unfortunately we forgot the camera and didn't realise it till we were already halfway home! So, please make do with the Net pictures!

We went to our usual coffee shop on Jalan Meriam for my family's coffee fix. Muar's noted for it's 343 "Sai Kee" coffee which seriously gets you addicted! My Mom's family who moved to KL bear testimony to that - Everytime anyone came from Muar, they had to bring enough coffee to last till the next trip! Is it the way the coffee is roasted? Or is it that dollop of margarine they add to the roasting process? No one really knows! With it, we had the nasi lemak from the Malay stall that shares the coffeeshop. It has heavenly sambal and really nice satay for only RM0.30 a stick!

I've always been known as a very fussy eater. So when I got back for lunch from a jaunt out in town, I was disappointed to see some Teochew mee (dry noodles with some fishballs, charsiew and vege for garnish) left for my lunch. It was over-cooked to begin with and after it had soaked in the gravy, since I was late for lunch, it was quite inedible. I made a face and declared I wasn't eating it, so my dearest Daddy heated up some leftover fish soup for me instead. Hehe...Love you, Dad! <3

We rounded it off with some Pulasan. This fruit resembles rambutan except the "hair" on the fruit is a lot thicker. And the flesh isn't as "crunchy" as rambutans. Then again, maybe because these Pulasan were kept a little too long!

But all that talk of rambutans made me start craving for some and when J mentioned there was a wild rambutan tree near his house, it didn't take us long to go check it out! We drove over to his area and voila, there was the tree with bunches of yummy rambutans hanging from it! We started off with the smaller ones from the lower bunches until J found nice red bunches further up and towards the back of the tree. So the monkey climbed up the branches, risking red ant bites and nests to get to them! I, on the other hand, had the task of collecting the rambutans that he threw down. It was muddy from the earlier rains and there were a MILLION mosquitoes buzzing around us. We didn't have a bag either so managed to fashion out a make-shift sling from a towel in the car! After a good 45 minutes of enduring red ant and mosquito bites, these modern-day hunter gatherers managed to amass 10 kgs of yummy rambutans!! We then had the task of removing them from the skin after that and storing it into tupperwares. Ice-cold rambutans from the fridge are delicious! And for all we endured, the fruits of our labour definitely tasted sweeter! :)


eatzycath said...

hiya - I remember the days when we had a rambutan tree in my parents' garden and when the tree was filled with lovely red bunches, mum and I would grab this long stick with a hook at the end and we will pluck our rambutans ... remember too those horrible stinging red ants.. but as they say, the more red ants, the sweeter the rambutans, so yours must be really SWEET! :)

Sue said...

Hi, thanks for your comment. You can bet it was really sweet! :) And the fun of gathering it made it all the sweeter!

Sue said...

Hi, thanks for your comment. You can bet it was really sweet! :) And the fun of gathering it made it all the sweeter!