Monday, July 25, 2005

The Rib Shop

On Saturday night, I visited the Rib Shop at Damansara, behind Victoria's Station. I've been there 3 times now and I still love the barbequed ribs.

This restaurant is non-halal, famous for its pork ribs, hence the name. Barbeque ribs remains the specialty along with other types of ribs like braised and chargrilled ribs. They also have lamb ribs and a host of other varieties on the menu. But I go for the ribs all the time. The restaurant also has a small wine cellar in it and the interior is partly decorated with corks.

For starters we had a wild mushroom soup and a recommended caesar salad to share. The soup was creamy and yummy, with a generous serving of mushrooms. The caesar salad was great too. I couldn't tell what kind of dressing was used but it was a worthy recommendation.

1. Caesar salad.

2. Wild mushroom soup

The maincourses that we ordered were a large barbequed rib at RM39 and a medium chargrilled rib at RM29. The ribs were served with potatoes and coleslaw. Definitely finger licking good if you could abandon your knife and fork!

3. Barbequed ribs

4. Chargrilled ribs

After all that, couldn't do anything for dessert.


boo_licious said...

Yum, ribs. I have yet to try this place - only been to Checkers nearby which does really yummy ribs also.

Sue said...

Where's Checkers? I wanna try ribs everywhere! Hehe. Pork ribs or beef?

Makan Kings said...


Yum Yum!!! BBQ pork ribs!!!! Thanks for sharing this place with us. Must try!!

-Makan Kings-

Sue said...

Hi Makan Kings,

That was Eternity...hehe! :) I haven't been there yet myself!