Monday, July 18, 2005

Good hang out place

If you want to spend time chit-chatting with friends and grab some light snacks and drinks cheaply, and mamak isn't quite on your list, try this place. It's got nice comfortable chairs to sit and relax in. You have your pick of taking a table indoors or out.

When indoors, you can have your pick of comfortable single-settees or bar stools, as pictured. Not only do you get to sit in for as long as you want, waiters and waitresses come up to you asking if you want a free refill of your softdrinks. Not bad for a place like this.

Oh, did I mention this place is called McDonald's? Loving it, huh? This one's at Mutiara Damansara.


Makan Kings said...

Wow!! Didnt know McDonalds looks so nice!!! Perfect place to hang out. Btw, a link to your site has been posted up on ours!!

-Makan Kings-

Sue said...

Yeah I was surprised too, and with that girl holding a jug and offering to refill, that was definitely new!

Thanks for linking us Makan Kings!! :D