Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Dinner of Odds and Ends

The highlight of dinner last night was the braised dish on the bottom right corner. Typical Hokkien style - it must be as black as possible! Recipe? Simple: Just root through your freezer and collect whatever tubs of frozen gravy you may have. Of course got to make sure it's more or less similar! In my case, I had some braising gravy, dark sauce gravy from chicken rice done some time back and some black bean gravy. Throw it all into a pot to boil, add some pork (I used belly meat with some fat for more flavour), eggs, beancurd ("taukwa"), garlic and dried chillies. I transferred it later to a slow cooker to let it braise for a good part of the day and by dinner time it was ready!

Here it is! It had a milder taste compared to usual braising sauces, possibly due to the mixture of the different sauces. And although it had been braised for quite long, the insides of the eggs and beancurd were still quite pale. It may work better if it was braised over a small fire on the stove as opposed to a slow cooker pot. It'll taste better too with pre-fried taukwa as opposed to the non-fried ones I found at the pasar malam. I hope to try it again (the proper way with proper ingredients!) but I guess it was ok for a first attempt! Meantime, I'll need to hunt for recipes for braising sauces or "lor" sauce!

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