Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Junkie Chicken

Dinner tonight was Junkie Chicken! A rather apt phrase coined by Eternity as I had basically marinated my half chicken with every herb I could lay my hands on!

The half chicken pieces were marinated with onion slices, balsamic vinegar, ranch herbs, a dash of soy sauce, a sprinkle of basil and pepper and finally rubbed with honey mustard. How did it taste? Interesting!! Just like how Junkie Chicken should taste! Haha...

This was the cooked chicken from the oven. I'm afraid you can't see much as it had been chopped up into pieces. There was a rather interesting gravy left from the chicken with the caramelised onions.

We had it for dinner with pan-fried tuna and potato patties, celery sticks and spinach and fishball soup! Yes, it was an odd dinner combination! Basically due to the cook's boredom of the same old chicken recipes and need for experiments! Doubt it'll be so easy to replicate again!

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