Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Chicken rice in a pot

The recent rains and cool weather had me craving for some hot soup. So, tonight's dinner was a quick, simple meal of pickled vege soup (Eternity's earlier post inspired this!), fried siew pak choy and chicken rice. Sounds tedious! But with a little bit of planning, minimal cooking is required! Perfect for working people! :)

I marinated some chicken pieces the night before with some oyster sauce, soy sauce, ginger slices and pepper (You can add some sesame oil for flavour - which I forgot!). When I got home from work, I put approximately 1 cup of washed rice in the rice cooker. Just as it was about to finish cooking, I added in the marinated chicken, closed the lid and left it to cook.

Earlier in the day, I put anchovies to boil with tomatoes and pickled vegetables for a while to create a stock. Then just before serving I added in some tofu and fishballs. I wasn't too good at straining the anchovies though! Bits of stuff were left behind! The siew pak choy was just stir-fried with some fishcake and garlic.

And in a few minutes, voila! Dinner was ready! The chicken rice was a bit too wet cos from some excess liquid from the chicken marinade. And J thought it was glutinous rice! Opps...haha, cooking mishap! But the wet rice aside, it was quite flavoursome as the marinade had soaked through the fluffy rice grains and the chicken was just nicely cooked and soft.

A nice steaming dinner on a cold, rainy evening!
P/S Sorry for the quality of the photos. It was taken with a camera phone. The camera has gone on holiday to Penang so watch this space for a Penang foodie adventure!


Jay said...

The chicken rice sounds good - I'll try it very soon :)

I actually do something very similar: fry chicken with onions, ginger and garlic and hak yau (black caramel sauce) and sesame oil. Then I add the uncooked rice to the wok, stick a cube of Knorr chicken stock and fry that as well.

Then I chuck the whole thing into the rice cooker, throw in some veg and let it cook. Before eating, add sesame oil, spring onion and fried onions.

A bit agak-agak type of recipe lah, but I'm not much of a cook. :)

Sue said...

Jay, your method is for more hard-working people! :) I'm lazy so throw everything into the pot! But got to admit that frying the rice beforehand does make it a lot more fragrant and delicious! I'll try that some other day and hopefully it wouldn't be mistaken for glutinous rice again! :)