Thursday, July 14, 2005

Nothing better than Mom's homecooked food

Got home late last night. My cats weren't happy because no one left the lights on for them. After feeding them, it was time to feed myself.

Found some goodies in the kitchen. Mom made some curry ribs with vegetables earlier in the day and there were enough left for me. Too lazy to dish up anything else, guess that'll do. I could eat it like a "curry stew", I suppose. Although just a simple dish to go with rice, mom's cooking is somehow better than cuisines at some fancy restaurants :)

As kids, my cousins and I were falsely informed that when someone gets thrown into jail, they eat nothing but "curry rice" all day long. And when we did something bad, we would be asked "Do you want to eat curry rice??". Back then, it was always a "NO!". But you know what? It really isn't so bad, that curry rice...

Recipe for this? Erm...gotta do a quick check at home first.


boo_licious said...

Poor kitties. I usually leave a light on for mine so they feel someone is at home.

Curry rice in prison - hey, I think your mum is probably right as that is cheap food. I will probably die as I can't take too spicy food.

Sue said...

If it's true, I think the inmates would die faster too. Too much santan!! Haha.

Unusual for Msian not to be able to take spicy food woh..