Friday, July 08, 2005

Lunch Yesterday

Some small technical problems prevented me from putting up pictures of my lunch yesterday. Pleased to say, it's sorted out now!

Went for lunch in a nearby kopitiam (coffee shop) near the USJ Goodyear Courts. My favourite pork noodles stall wasn't open so had to settle for the Asam Laksa (top left). It was a disappointment! There was barely any fish in it, save a few miserable flakes and not even the spoon of black "he-kou" (shrimp paste) could save it! My companion's fried kuey teow or "Kwan Zhao Hor" (Wok-fried Kuey Teow in Cantonese) was slightly better and had a nice smokey flavour. He finished it, so it must have been quite edible!


Jay said...

OK, I can recommend a FABULOUS assam laksa! It's in Damansara Utama, on the same row as Fajar supermarket but at the other end. I think it's called Park Village. All the food there is amazing, but this assam laksa is simply outstanding.

God my mouth just started salivating. And I'm a few thousand miles away from it. -sigh-

Sue said...

Thanks so much, Jay! Hope to give it a try soon!