Monday, July 18, 2005

KL weekend of seafood noodles

Sue has probably had a more adventurous eating weekend in Muar than mine in KL. The highlight of mine was lunch at Yu Ai coffee shop in SS2 of PJ, where the Nasi Kandar Kayu is.

Yu Ai is one of the branches of the Segambut seafood noodle coffee shop. I used to frequent the Segambut (original shop) one until the SS2 branch came about. The seafood noodle comes in a few soups of your choice; clear soup, laksa or tom yam flavours. I've tried all three and I can't really pin-point a favourite. Each is good in its own ways.

The serving of the seafood is a real generous amount. There's fish meat, clams, mussels and 3 huge prawns. It used to cost RM8 for a small bowl and RM11 for a big one. Now the small helping costs RM11.

Here's the laksa soup seafood noodle.

And here's the tom yam one.


Makan Kings said...

Yu ai is the best for seafood noodles! Their tom yam and curry noodles are excellent. Only one slighly annoying thing. If you sit inside(Segambut branch) you'll probably smell of seafood after your meal. But its all worth it!!

-Makan Kings-

boo_licious said...

The one in Segambut is slightly cheaper than the ss2 outlet. Must be the slightly higher end furniture at the ss2 place.

The other thing I love about Yu Ai is their sambal but the wait during lunch time at the Segambut place can really kill you. Makan King, sit upstairs in the aircond section, then no smell.

Sue said...

I usually like it outside under the trees in Segambut (only when it's windy la).

I thought the prices at Segambut and PJ were the same? And hey, they've started charging tax too :(

Oh well, once in a while indulgence I guess I won't mind.