Tuesday, July 12, 2005

My Lucky Day Or What?

Without giving much thought I walked into Domino's Pizza last night and ordered a takeaway dinner of chicken pepperoni pizza and a bag of twisty garlic bread. As I stood and waited, I was trying to recall if I had enough ice cubes and Coke in the fridge to go with my meal. I decided I had.

It was a quiet night for Domino's as my pizza was ready in no longer than 10 minutes. I watched the guy pack my pizza, garlic bread and a can of Coke. He handed them all to me and I told him I did not order the Coke. He checked the order slip on the box and said I did. I looked too and saw that the cashier had punched in a can of Coke, but at no cost. I was confused and kept telling the guy I didn't order it. He just repeated for me to take it and that it's OK. He opened the door for me and said "Drive safely". I was pleasantly surprised.

When I got home, I checked the slip on the box again. I saw that the cashier had given me a discount by punching in a discount coupon. I haven't presented him with any coupon! So on top of that free Coke, I had some discounts!

I put it all down to great service, for a lack of better word for it. They were not cheecky guys trying to be nice to a girl, and definitely did not appear to be. Perhaps just a kind gesture. Like the Tesco tagline goes, "Every little helps", it rings true. Not that I was thrilled by the freebies but it just feels nice to have a little kindness. Unexpected kindness, put it that way.

Naturally, the pizza and garlic bread tasted warm and good.


boo_licious said...

That's nice of them. Nowadays with prices going up, a little discount goes a long way.

Sue said...

That's what I thought too. For a place that don't charge for service, they sure did something good!