Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Hawker Lunch

It's tough having to look for lunch in Taipan, USJ when you live and work in the same area! And I'm faced with this dilemma everyday since there are only 3 coffeeshops to choose from. We wanted to head for our usual one yesterday but it was chock-ful with people! Where did they all come from?! Our only explanation must be that it was the 12.30 pm lunch crowd who hadn't cleared yet! So, that left us with no other alternative but to eat in the one opposite which, in our opinion, has less appetising food.

The only saving grace this coffee shop has is it's chicken/duck/roast meats rice which my companion had. He's rather generous with his portions and there's always a long bee-line waiting at his stall. We had it with one of my favourites, sour vegetables. Somehow all chicken rice stalls have this! It's a good economical way of using up all the scraps from the chickens and ducks and it's popular too! But it's not too healthy as some stalls have a pot of this perpetually boiling on their burner! Brings to mind 100 years curry!

That's my companion's Char Siew & Siew Yoke Fan for RM4.70. He normally asks for an addition of braised chicken liver for an extra RM0.50 but the man forgot so we saved RM0.50! The right is the sour vegetable; a good-sized bowl for RM2. It's yummy and we had bits of duck meat in it.

I had the Hakka Tai Po noodles which was a bit of a disappointment. I like my noodles al-dente and this was a bit overcooked. It came with a small smattering of minced pork, a few slices of char siew and vege for RM3. The sambal belacan that accompanied it was pretty good though. One complaint though, it's a pity coffee shops are now all turning to thin disposable plastic spoons. I find it quite hard to eat with them as the edges are rather sharp and could cut if one isn't careful but I guess it's all in the name of convenience!

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