Monday, July 11, 2005

A homely dinner

After Saturday's eating tour, Sunday was a quiet affair with light, simple and home-cooked meals. We dropped by the Guardian warehouse sale and picked up 2 litre bottles of Just Juice for a mere RM3! I'm a self-professed lover of warehouse sales so please do keep me informed if you know of any!

Dinner was a simple meal of steamed fish, onion omelette and spinach soup. The spinach soup didn't look too photogenic so it won't be featured! :P

The fish was steamed Teochew style with tomatoes, dried mushrooms, preserved vegetable and presevered plum; giving it a nice sour and tangy flavour. Sorry the pictures aren't too appealing, they were taken with my camera phone! By the way, the plate the steamed fish is sitting on was handed down by my grandfather! :)

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tuktoyaktuk said...

ah the food looks remarkably familiar. I had it last weekend too! :p