Monday, July 11, 2005

Meaty House - a non-halal review

Last Friday, J offered me a break from cooking and we ventured out to traffic-crazy Taipan for dinner. Oh, a quick note for readers who are planning to head that way, all roads in Taipan have been turned to one-way streets so just keep a look-out as you go along!

This small neighbourhood restaurant offers meat, meat and more meat! Or more specifically, pork! The place was quite empty when we arrived about 7.10pm but groups of people started trickling in later. It's softly lit with booths running along the wall and a big chiller of processed meats by the counter. We were given an extensive menu which features mainly Western dishes but includes the ever-popular Bak Kut Teh as well. However, menu aside, we were there for their signature dish - the German Pork Knuckle!

At RM29.80, it was a good-sized knuckle, beautifully roasted to a golden hue. It came with 3 side dishes of sauerkraut, coleslaw, mashed potatoes and a gravy boat. The side dishes weren't much to shout about and tasted rather home-made. The knuckle, however, was a different story altogether! The meat was incredibly tender while the well-roasted skin was wonderfully crispy and crackled with every bite. We cleaned every morsel off the plate and judging by the estatic expression on J's face as he savoured every bite, it was well worth it!

We also ordered a sausage set. Meaty House's sausages are home-made and are the closest I can get to nice sausages, just like the ones in Europe! We had the Thuringer Garlic for RM9.90 which also came with 3 side dishes of your choice.

It was okay but wasn't quite to my taste as the garlic and herb was a bit too over-powering. J, being a lover of all kinds of food; especially strong herby ones, polished them off on my behalf! Nevertheless, it was a nice end to a long week and a good start to the weekend. Would we return? You bet we will!


babe_kl said...

next time go check out their ribs!

Sue said...

Babe_kl, thanks for the idea! Was dithering between the sausages or the ribs but settled for sausages cos ribs seemed too huge a helping!